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Turning One!

It’s been a while since I sat down & shared with you my thoughts. You see it’s been a whirlwind several months since I launched the brand & I sincerely did not expect it to pick up as quickly as

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We all need that, a good thorough cleansing. Sit down, we’re about to get technical. We created the PURE DETOX line to go hand in hand with the PURE CLEAN line. It is meant to be used once a week

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Why It’s So Good for You.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Where to even begin? My grandmother raised me & I remember clearly she always used to say “Coconut is the tree of life”. Being young & carefree that time, I paid very little attention & thought

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On the Homeschool front.

Writing an online journal is tantamount to me virtually inviting you to step in my living room & take a peek at our life at home. So far I must sound like a nut-case : juicing my greens, dehydrating fruits

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Saturday Mornings in My Kitchen.

Yummmmmm.. Nothing like the sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies on a Saturday morning. Made much sweeter by the fact that these cookies were made using virgin coconut oil instead of butter & coconut sugar instead of white sugar. My

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Mama’s Notebook.

Leroy having his moment as our home wakes up to strong rain this morning. He’s probably concerned that it will curtail his gallivanting today. I, on the other hand, quite enjoy broody weather. It always feels like a hug. I

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The Pure Clean Starter Set.

Our labels are done! And here they are in their new clothes, our virgin coconut oil based bath & body collection. Do you like them? The benefits of virgin coconut oil are quite well known, but I personally became privy

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A little disclaimer.

My kids eat Cheetos. Yes they do. Not everyday. Not even every week or month but every so often they do. Yes I know I said we eat clean, mostly, but I also said we balance what is sustainable to

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New Beginnings.

Well hello there. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. When I was a child I dreamed I would grow up & write great books. Or poems. I also considered maybe I could write for a newspaper or American Vogue.

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