New Beginnings.


Well hello there.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. When I was a child I dreamed I would grow up & write great books. Or poems. I also considered maybe I could write for a newspaper or American Vogue. Instead I find myself today living a different dream – that of being a mother, a homemaker, a wife. And it turns out that I, really really like that too.

How do you run your home? I like mine managed as simply as possible. I am mostly, if not completely, a no frills person – hence the name SIMPLE MAMA. I am, if not careful, a secret tree hugger – I remember when my children were born I was torn between using disposable diapers versus cloth diapers. Yes, I know. But that is the way I am, did you know that it will take five hundred years to decompose one single disposable diaper? Things like that. But I try, I try to marry what is manageable & what is sustainable because yes, like you I choose my battles too.

It took me a long time to release my product line of bath & body products, & food, because I can’t yet find sustainable packaging in our country. But when you have something real good in your hands you also just keep it to yourself. So here I am, & here it is & here we all are, at the brink of very good things.

In our home we eat clean & as much as possible we eat all natural. From farm to table. We juice greens & we dehydrate our vegetables & fruits for snacks. Am I severe? No not really, but for as much as we can we do our best to be good to our bodies (& to our earth). And when you begin to live this lifestyle, the other details will follow – like what are you lathering on your skin? And because I find that there is nothing for me in our local market, I created it – for my home & yours. I hope you like it. And I hope that you will come on this journey with us & as you do, I hope that you enjoy yourself.

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