Mama’s Notebook.

imageLeroy having his moment as our home wakes up to strong rain this morning. He’s probably concerned that it will curtail his gallivanting today. I, on the other hand, quite enjoy broody weather. It always feels like a hug.

I don’t like the word BLOG. When my untechnical self figures out the settings of my site I will promptly change that. For now let’s you & I acknowledge it here that this part of our online home is Mama’s Notebook. It is here that you, my dear reader, will be able to really make sense of what is happening here at “home”.

And that includes an explanation of why the PURE CLEAN line is unscented. I always perceived CLEAN as without smell. I understand that it is sometimes enticing to lather on something that smells delicious, I agree to an extent & dear reader I promise you we will get there as we do have a line-up of future products lines all in a row, but for now I feel that PURE CLEAN should be the products that DOES THE JOB. It is there to cleanse you, nourish you, heal & moisturize you, slough the old off you – these things of course pertain to your skin & hair.

Another reason is this – perfume. Or cologne, whichever you prefer. You may freely use those without worry that it will mix funnily with the scent of our bath products.

Simple & straightforward, as it should be, don’t you think?

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