Turning One!

boudoir It’s been a while since I sat down & shared with you my thoughts. You see it’s been a whirlwind several months since I launched the brand & I sincerely did not expect it to pick up as quickly as it did – suffice to say that it kept me very busy & on my toes.

And in the middle of it all I had to take a deliberate pause. I had to really step back & let it run on its own while I stood still to grab hold of my original vision. You see, a certain amount of “succeeding” can do that to an enterprise – derail it – so I had to really take hold of what I had originally intended lest I lose sight of why I started all of this a little less than a year ago.

Simple Mama Ph is a going back to the basics. A choice for slow living no matter where you may be. It is a creating with one’s bare hands, whether it be food or other things in & out & around our home. From ingredients & materials that are closest to its original source as possible. And we do this from the comfort of our own home, with recipes & techniques we ourselves have tried & tested. Mindful & purposeful homemaking, if you will.

As I now step forward from my pause, we find ourselves a month shy of our first year (imagine that!) contemplating some small but very important changes which you will be seeing in the next couple of weeks.

Come with us, in this little community we have created let us mother together, make our homes, tend our gardens – because I believe it is in these “little things” that we will find our “great big things”.

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imageWe all need that, a good thorough cleansing.

Sit down, we’re about to get technical.

We created the PURE DETOX line to go hand in hand with the PURE CLEAN line. It is meant to be used once a week to thoroughly rid our skin & hair of all its impurities & product build up. The main ingredient of the line is ACTIVATED CHARCOAL which is an ADsorbent – yes you read that right – meaning it actually ATTRACTS bacteria, toxins, acids, odor & even poison. It is used in laboratories to purify water & is a staple in our kitchen for emergencies – in case anyone INGESTS poison, all you need to do is chew/swallow it & it will purge the poison out (happened to my dog who curiously licked some insect repellent not meant for him!). Meticulously mixed with our Virgin Coconut oil base in all our products you get yourself a product that cleanses then nourishes.

You see, the thing about nutrients is you cannot absorb the good things if you are still clogged up with the bad things. You need to get rid of the buildup first before any of the products you are using is to be effective for you. And THAT is what the PURE DETOX line is created to do.

There is actually a lot of information that is available through Google regarding activated carbon / coconut charcoal & why it is the best option for you to use in detox. I could go on & on & on but I wanted to explain it to you, dear reader, in a way that I understand it. Simple & to the point – much like our products – & oh so very good for you.




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Why It’s So Good for You.


Pure Bounty – Culinario P489 Extra Virgin Coconut Oil  1L

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Where to even begin?

My grandmother raised me & I remember clearly she always used to say “Coconut is the tree of life”. Being young & carefree that time, I paid very little attention & thought (like most young people do) that I was invincible.

Until I had children.

It began to really dawn on me that health issues were better prevented than treated. It was far better to build a strong immune system rather than actually getting sick (ugh, all those sleepless nights!).

Virgin Coconut Oil really helps you do that. Are you ready?

The big reason WHY coconut oil strengthens your immune system is because it’s healthy fats are filled with antioxidants which in turn greatly improves our cardiovascular system. The medium chain fatty acids packed in coconut oil act to neutralize & kill germs, bacteria, virus & fungi.

Pretty serious stuff making pretty heavy claims in treating cancer, autism, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, seizures & a whole host of both major & minor health challenges. It is anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-parasitic.

And as if that were not enough, it is for the greatly vain too! I personally love it because it is the most effective way to detoxify impurities & toxins festering inside & outside my body. I find that the use of VCO has greatly minimized my use of cosmetic products – you can’t beat great skin!

All these things I’ve mentioned above are my own simple understanding of why Virgin Coconut Oil is so good for you. There is much research online that is available to you should you want to know more, I don’t think this entry is comprehensive enough to really make you understand the limitless & vast benefits of the humble coconut.

But for now, we here at Simple Mama are happy to announce that to herald the week ahead, our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is ready for your consumption


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On the Homeschool front.

imageWriting an online journal is tantamount to me virtually inviting you to step in my living room & take a peek at our life at home. So far I must sound like a nut-case : juicing my greens, dehydrating fruits & vegetables to make chips, making soaps & suds, & now homeschooling.

But I am far from being an extremist.

Long ago I learned that you could design a life that you loved. But first you must figure out what are those deep things you truly love & enjoy. Motherhood gives me the privilege of having front row seats in the blossoming lives of my children. And when the time came, the opportunity to educate them formally, I took the leap to homeschool.

It’s funny though that I use the term “formally educate” them. As if learning was limited to a classroom. A concept that is truly a disservice to today’s ever expanding limitless possibilities. Although extremely cliche, nothing could be more true than the reality that the world is their classroom, that learning is a continuous process, each moment each day. Curiousity in a world full of wonder I hope to cultivate & not quench.

My kids made soap the other day. As a simple science activity, my 7yr old supervised his 2yr old sister & they managed to produce little rainbow colored Lego minifigures. Armed in their protective gear, with mama hovering over them, they mixed, measured & poured, thoroughly enjoying themselves not realizing they were having a lesson.

It is my great hope that I will impart this to my children – when the time comes they make their mark in the world, they will proactively create it to be a much better place than when they first found themselves in it.

And that they will always be deeply happy. This is the heart of why we homeschool. Also the heart & thrust of Simple Mama – I cannot allow you a peek into our lives if our lives were not in themselves rooted in simple joy.

After all, isn’t it the little things added up that make the big things in the end. Knowing that is motherhood’s greatest gift to me

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Saturday Mornings in My Kitchen.

imageYummmmmm.. Nothing like the sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies on a Saturday morning.

Made much sweeter by the fact that these cookies were made using virgin coconut oil instead of butter & coconut sugar instead of white sugar. My kids love them, devour them actually. Hubby too. Hubby says there is less guilt in consuming these little nuggets of indulgence

My kids & my husband are ALWAYS eating.

I mean like every hour “I’m hungry mom!”

“You can’t possibly be hungry you just ate.”

“I am I am I’m hungry.”

All. Day. Every. Day.

Which explains the bakery amount of cookies you see in the picture – that is our weekend stash.

Yes, you read it right, I cook with virgin coconut oil. I don’t have any other oil stashed in my kitchen, & I do this on purpose. Hubby built a machine several years ago that removes the strong smell & taste of our coconut oil without removing all the nutritional healthy goodness. The lightest VCO you’ll ever get your hands on actually (shameless plug ). I use it on everything – fry eggs, deep fry chicken fingers, bake cookies & cakes – you name it. Health nuts ingest it, my kids will have none of that, so I sneakily cook everything they eat in it instead.

The response this past week to our online store has been amazing – so many of you now slowly trying the cleaner alternative to living. Our online store will soon be selling the lightest virgin coconut oil ever made (at least in my opinion) – from my kitchen to yours. And I hope, for you dear reader (like it was for me & my family), it makes all the difference

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Mama’s Notebook.

imageLeroy having his moment as our home wakes up to strong rain this morning. He’s probably concerned that it will curtail his gallivanting today. I, on the other hand, quite enjoy broody weather. It always feels like a hug.

I don’t like the word BLOG. When my untechnical self figures out the settings of my site I will promptly change that. For now let’s you & I acknowledge it here that this part of our online home is Mama’s Notebook. It is here that you, my dear reader, will be able to really make sense of what is happening here at “home”.

And that includes an explanation of why the PURE CLEAN line is unscented. I always perceived CLEAN as without smell. I understand that it is sometimes enticing to lather on something that smells delicious, I agree to an extent & dear reader I promise you we will get there as we do have a line-up of future products lines all in a row, but for now I feel that PURE CLEAN should be the products that DOES THE JOB. It is there to cleanse you, nourish you, heal & moisturize you, slough the old off you – these things of course pertain to your skin & hair.

Another reason is this – perfume. Or cologne, whichever you prefer. You may freely use those without worry that it will mix funnily with the scent of our bath products.

Simple & straightforward, as it should be, don’t you think?

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The Pure Clean Starter Set.

Our labels are done!

And here they are in their new clothes, our virgin coconut oil based bath & body collection. Do you like them?

The benefits of virgin coconut oil are quite well known, but I personally became privy to them when I married into a family that has been producing coconut products for about, oh, 50 years.

Our home was littered with all sorts of coconut products & I used them. I used them in my bath, I used them in my kitchen, I used them to clean, to cook, to bathe. I used them on my dog. It is safe to say that our family has road tested these products & slowly saw for myself that the coconut is truly the tree of life (yes cheesy, but true).

Then, I had kids.

Like any mother I am protective of my young, it made sense to me that in their infancy & childhood, I am in so many ways laying in place the building blocks of their foundation – primarily their health. And like any mother, I did my research, LOTS of it. My mind slowly began to understand that not everything is good for you, some even directly harmful especially if used over time (uhm hello bath & body products!).

A little bit obsessive, maybe. But lucky for you I made it easier.

Simple Mama Ph is primarily the “home” of our products. Products we have been using in our household all these years – we are now making them available to you. Over time you will see not only bath & body products, we will also have healthy kitchen alternatives, we will have environment friendly cleaning products, & even something special for your furry family members (I feel strongly about this because as you will discover we have a beloved dog!).

But like all things, we like to take it slow & steady, & in doing so we hope you will journey with us in our vision to create a more sustainable world for our children.

Order your starter set now.

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A little disclaimer.

imageMy kids eat Cheetos.

Yes they do. Not everyday. Not even every week or month but every so often they do. Yes I know I said we eat clean, mostly, but I also said we balance what is sustainable to what is attainable. (Case in point, these deliciously sweet oranges they are about to have with their breakfast – same color as their beloved Cheetos but much much more beneficial for their growing bodies.)

What the heck does that mean right? It means that we haven’t removed ourselves from the world. We are not granola consuming organic extremists. Like you, we do the best we can with what is available to us. I am not one of those moms that will wage war to prove my organic point, I think all moms should be on the same side, there should actually be no side, we all do what we can.

But I do believe that it all balances out. And when you are ABLE to do something, you SHOULD. I consider it being proactive.

I am also not an expert, I mean I don’t have a degree or anything like that. I do my research though, I thoroughly read on information that has to do with the health & well-being of my family. I find that mothers are naturally that way though, it is what drives us.. Crazy

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New Beginnings.


Well hello there.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. When I was a child I dreamed I would grow up & write great books. Or poems. I also considered maybe I could write for a newspaper or American Vogue. Instead I find myself today living a different dream – that of being a mother, a homemaker, a wife. And it turns out that I, really really like that too.

How do you run your home? I like mine managed as simply as possible. I am mostly, if not completely, a no frills person – hence the name SIMPLE MAMA. I am, if not careful, a secret tree hugger – I remember when my children were born I was torn between using disposable diapers versus cloth diapers. Yes, I know. But that is the way I am, did you know that it will take five hundred years to decompose one single disposable diaper? Things like that. But I try, I try to marry what is manageable & what is sustainable because yes, like you I choose my battles too.

It took me a long time to release my product line of bath & body products, & food, because I can’t yet find sustainable packaging in our country. But when you have something real good in your hands you also just keep it to yourself. So here I am, & here it is & here we all are, at the brink of very good things.

In our home we eat clean & as much as possible we eat all natural. From farm to table. We juice greens & we dehydrate our vegetables & fruits for snacks. Am I severe? No not really, but for as much as we can we do our best to be good to our bodies (& to our earth). And when you begin to live this lifestyle, the other details will follow – like what are you lathering on your skin? And because I find that there is nothing for me in our local market, I created it – for my home & yours. I hope you like it. And I hope that you will come on this journey with us & as you do, I hope that you enjoy yourself.

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