On the Homeschool front.

imageWriting an online journal is tantamount to me virtually inviting you to step in my living room & take a peek at our life at home. So far I must sound like a nut-case : juicing my greens, dehydrating fruits & vegetables to make chips, making soaps & suds, & now homeschooling.

But I am far from being an extremist.

Long ago I learned that you could design a life that you loved. But first you must figure out what are those deep things you truly love & enjoy. Motherhood gives me the privilege of having front row seats in the blossoming lives of my children. And when the time came, the opportunity to educate them formally, I took the leap to homeschool.

It’s funny though that I use the term “formally educate” them. As if learning was limited to a classroom. A concept that is truly a disservice to today’s ever expanding limitless possibilities. Although extremely cliche, nothing could be more true than the reality that the world is their classroom, that learning is a continuous process, each moment each day. Curiousity in a world full of wonder I hope to cultivate & not quench.

My kids made soap the other day. As a simple science activity, my 7yr old supervised his 2yr old sister & they managed to produce little rainbow colored Lego minifigures. Armed in their protective gear, with mama hovering over them, they mixed, measured & poured, thoroughly enjoying themselves not realizing they were having a lesson.

It is my great hope that I will impart this to my children – when the time comes they make their mark in the world, they will proactively create it to be a much better place than when they first found themselves in it.

And that they will always be deeply happy. This is the heart of why we homeschool. Also the heart & thrust of Simple Mama – I cannot allow you a peek into our lives if our lives were not in themselves rooted in simple joy.

After all, isn’t it the little things added up that make the big things in the end. Knowing that is motherhood’s greatest gift to me

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