Saturday Mornings in My Kitchen.

imageYummmmmm.. Nothing like the sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies on a Saturday morning.

Made much sweeter by the fact that these cookies were made using virgin coconut oil instead of butter & coconut sugar instead of white sugar. My kids love them, devour them actually. Hubby too. Hubby says there is less guilt in consuming these little nuggets of indulgence

My kids & my husband are ALWAYS eating.

I mean like every hour “I’m hungry mom!”

“You can’t possibly be hungry you just ate.”

“I am I am I’m hungry.”

All. Day. Every. Day.

Which explains the bakery amount of cookies you see in the picture – that is our weekend stash.

Yes, you read it right, I cook with virgin coconut oil. I don’t have any other oil stashed in my kitchen, & I do this on purpose. Hubby built a machine several years ago that removes the strong smell & taste of our coconut oil without removing all the nutritional healthy goodness. The lightest VCO you’ll ever get your hands on actually (shameless plug ). I use it on everything – fry eggs, deep fry chicken fingers, bake cookies & cakes – you name it. Health nuts ingest it, my kids will have none of that, so I sneakily cook everything they eat in it instead.

The response this past week to our online store has been amazing – so many of you now slowly trying the cleaner alternative to living. Our online store will soon be selling the lightest virgin coconut oil ever made (at least in my opinion) – from my kitchen to yours. And I hope, for you dear reader (like it was for me & my family), it makes all the difference

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