Why It's So Good for You.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Where to even begin? My grandmother raised me & I remember clearly she always used to say “Coconut is the tree of life”. Being young & carefree that time, I paid very little attention & thought (like most young people do) that I was invincible. Until I had children. It began


The Pure Clean Starter Set.

Our labels are done! And here they are in their new clothes, our virgin coconut oil based bath & body collection. Do you like them? The benefits of virgin coconut oil are quite well known, but I personally became privy to them when I married into a family that has been producing coconut products for


New Beginnings.

Well hello there. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. When I was a child I dreamed I would grow up & write great books. Or poems. I also considered maybe I could write for a newspaper or American Vogue. Instead I find myself today living a different dream – that of being a mother,