Why It's So Good for You.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Where to even begin? My grandmother raised me & I remember clearly she always used to say “Coconut is the tree of life”. Being young & carefree that time, I paid very little attention & thought (like most young people do) that I was invincible. Until I had children. It began


Saturday Mornings in My Kitchen.

Yummmmmm.. Nothing like the sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies on a Saturday morning. Made much sweeter by the fact that these cookies were made using virgin coconut oil instead of butter & coconut sugar instead of white sugar. My kids love them, devour them actually. Hubby too. Hubby says there is less guilt in


A little disclaimer.

My kids eat Cheetos. Yes they do. Not everyday. Not even every week or month but every so often they do. Yes I know I said we eat clean, mostly, but I also said we balance what is sustainable to what is attainable. (Case in point, these deliciously sweet oranges they are about to have