The Pure Clean Starter Set.

Our labels are done!

And here they are in their new clothes, our virgin coconut oil based bath & body collection. Do you like them?

The benefits of virgin coconut oil are quite well known, but I personally became privy to them when I married into a family that has been producing coconut products for about, oh, 50 years.

Our home was littered with all sorts of coconut products & I used them. I used them in my bath, I used them in my kitchen, I used them to clean, to cook, to bathe. I used them on my dog. It is safe to say that our family has road tested these products & slowly saw for myself that the coconut is truly the tree of life (yes cheesy, but true).

Then, I had kids.

Like any mother I am protective of my young, it made sense to me that in their infancy & childhood, I am in so many ways laying in place the building blocks of their foundation – primarily their health. And like any mother, I did my research, LOTS of it. My mind slowly began to understand that not everything is good for you, some even directly harmful especially if used over time (uhm hello bath & body products!).

A little bit obsessive, maybe. But lucky for you I made it easier.

Simple Mama Ph is primarily the “home” of our products. Products we have been using in our household all these years – we are now making them available to you. Over time you will see not only bath & body products, we will also have healthy kitchen alternatives, we will have environment friendly cleaning products, & even something special for your furry family members (I feel strongly about this because as you will discover we have a beloved dog!).

But like all things, we like to take it slow & steady, & in doing so we hope you will journey with us in our vision to create a more sustainable world for our children.

Order your starter set now.

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