A New Year.

Blog Mama’s Notebook

There is something about a New Year that excites me. I mean just the thought of moving on from the past year, packing it all away & setting it behind you, perhaps on a shelf, & then moving forward to embrace the upcoming year ahead with all its fresh & exciting possibilities! Argh.

The truth is you can really do that at any point in your life, I have. You can always pick yourself up, dust yourself off & head to a completely new direction. I have done that myself quite a few pivotal times in my life. That was actually how I started Simple Mama Ph. I was at my lowest, my absolute lowest in so many aspects, I knew then that I had a decision to make either to let it destroy me or to allow it to set me free. I have two kids & I knew what the choice was, even if it seemed impossible, an insurmountable task.

I often said that I would sit down one day & tell that story, now at the brink of a New Year, three or so years after, seemed like the perfect time to do so.

Armed with an idea I created the first five core products of the Pure Beauty line, namely the Pure Clean set. Literally on a whim & a prayer I took a blind leap of faith. And like a seed I watered daily, slowly but surely, it grew. Funny enough it became more than a stream of income, it was almost like a redemption.. at least for me, it pulled me out of a very broken place & eventually after giving myself permission, set me free.

Sounds so dramatic I know, but it is the truth. It is my truth. And I wanted to share it with you dear reader, because that could be you right now. You could be in a dark place & I just wanted to reach out my hand to you to say, everything will fall into perfect place. Maybe like I was then you barely have the strength nor the energy to even breathe, your world has crumbled & it feels like it is all over..

Well, it certainly is NOT. Let this be the sacred GROUND ZERO wherein you will begin to rebuild. The beauty with having nothing left is the gift of a clean fresh slate, like a blank canvas you now have the power to create the life you want. Sometimes the universe works to remove all of THAT so that you don't have any choice left but to pursue those secret desires of your heart.

So, a happy New Year to you dear reader! May it be filled with hope, wonder, love & so much laughter. I wish you the courage to finally follow your heart & embark on adventures that will grow & expand your soul.. oh the places you'll go! Most of all, don't forget to enjoy everything with eyes (& heart) wide open.

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