We all need that, a good thorough cleansing.

Sit down, we’re about to get technical.

We created the PURE DETOX line to go hand in hand with the PURE CLEAN line. It is meant to be used once a week to thoroughly rid our skin & hair of all its impurities & product build up. The main ingredient of the line is ACTIVATED CHARCOAL which is an ADsorbent – yes you read that right – meaning it actually ATTRACTS bacteria, toxins, acids, odor & even poison. It is used in laboratories to purify water & is a staple in our kitchen for emergencies – in case anyone INGESTS poison, all you need to do is chew/swallow it & it will purge the poison out (happened to my dog who curiously licked some insect repellent not meant for him!). Meticulously mixed with our Virgin Coconut oil base in all our products you get yourself a product that cleanses then nourishes.

You see, the thing about nutrients is you cannot absorb the good things if you are still clogged up with the bad things. You need to get rid of the buildup first before any of the products you are using is to be effective for you. And THAT is what the PURE DETOX line is created to do.

There is actually a lot of information that is available through Google regarding activated carbon / coconut charcoal & why it is the best option for you to use in detox. I could go on & on & on but I wanted to explain it to you, dear reader, in a way that I understand it. Simple & to the point – much like our products – & oh so very good for you.


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