A week before we rang in 2019, I was in a mad flurry of decluttering house & home. My husband was actually a little concerned with my cut-throat approach to getting rid of about 80% of our material things. Ironically I was unaware that Netflix had a new series on Marie Kondo & her life-altering view on minimalism. Decluttering is habit I have always had & applied in our lives every six months, for as long as I can remember. I cant live with a clutter of things, I just cant. I can feel the stress & tension building up inside me when I know our cabinets & shelves are accumulating unnecessary "stuff". And I am always always so relieved after a good cleanup. 

I used to think I was the only crazy person who felt this way. But the quick rise of Marie Kondo & her "philosophy" shows that it really is a "thing", we are psychologically affected by the build up of our material possessions. I think this is why I was drawn to the concept of using SIMPLE as part of my online persona. When I was creating the brand a little over three years ago, I wanted something that truly resonated with me. 

But I feel that a good cleanup is more than just keeping our house tidy. It is also vital for us to grow in self awareness & let go of inner baggages - the clutter we cant see but manifests in unhealthy habits in our lives. And much like our material possessions, they too pile up & need a regular "sweep out". Baggages like resentment, unforgiveness, or even people that are "not on our side" they all need to go before it gets toxic & we notice that the toxicity causes us to be unhappy, lashing out at the people who do matter - does this ever happen to you?

After a good declutter, it is so important as well to now be mindful in recreating a life-giving space. Creating the intention of what we want to feel in our homes, light & ease, freedom & peace for each member of the family - I believe this is really what is at the heart of decluttering. To be able plop down on your sofa & breathe a sigh of relief - a respite & refuge from a quickly spinning world outside.

And I hope we all find that when we come home mama's. I hope that in turn too, we can be that to those we love & hold most dear. 


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