Turning 1



It’s been a while since I sat down & shared with you my thoughts. You see it’s been a whirlwind several months since I launched the brand & I sincerely did not expect it to pick up as quickly as it did – suffice to say that it kept me very busy & on my toes.

And in the middle of it all I had to take a deliberate pause. I had to really step back & let it run on its own while I stood still to grab hold of my original vision. You see, a certain amount of “succeeding” can do that to an enterprise – derail it – so I had to really take hold of what I had originally intended lest I lose sight of why I started all of this a little less than a year ago.

Simple Mama Ph is a going back to the basics. A choice for slow living no matter where you may be. It is a creating with one’s bare hands, whether it be food or other things in & out & around our home. From ingredients & materials that are closest to its original source as possible. And we do this from the comfort of our own home, with recipes & techniques we ourselves have tried & tested. Mindful & purposeful homemaking, if you will.

As I now step forward from my pause, we find ourselves a month shy of our first year (imagine that!) contemplating some small but very important changes which you will be seeing in the next couple of weeks.

Come with us, in this little community we have created let us mother together, make our homes, tend our gardens – because I believe it is in these “little things” that we will find our “great big things”.

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