Self Care.

Love yourself has become such a byword, to the point of cheesiness even & perhaps a tinge of cringe. It has become our modern day solution to everything "oh you know, you gotta love yourself a little more.."

And you know, it couldn't be more true. Or more needed in this fast paced day & age. One of the best adages I've learned in life is that you truly cannot pour from an empty cup. You must first value yourself enough to care for yourself, & then only after can you give love away.

I once mistakenly thought that motherhood equated to martyrdom. You let yourself go so you can raise your kids unselfishly. How wrong I was! Because how am I now to teach them the great big values of life (love, courage, patience, self-respect, etc) if I didn't exemplify that love begins IN you. It's so easy isn't it, to forget about yourself when your children come along.. I learned in this road of mothering that I was a better mom when I honored the girl inside, the one that came before the kids. Because you see, she never went away, she was always just there.. she just gave birth.

And so I tended to her more. Lit a candle, took more lingering baths, had lunch out with a good friend, finished a chapter a day of a good book, journaled over here.. those things, those little but life-giving things. And as I began to do these for myself I noticed I had more love to give. As I nurtured myself, I no longer resented having to nurture others constantly. Love is so powerful, extending it to yourself is a wonderful gift that benefits those around you.

In light of these thoughts, I urge you now to "love yourself". Find that sweet spot that makes you feel valued & rested, then treat yourself to whatever that may be. No one is to say or dictate what it should be for you, only you really know that in your heart. 

Have a lovely Valentines ahead Mama's!

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