Simple Mama HOME.





So vitally important. It is where we find refuge, it is where we rest our weary souls & recharge to face the world again.

As a homemaker, a mother, a wife - we are the heart of that home - this thought gives insight on just how important it is to keep our hearts nourished if we are then to pour out love & life to our families.

These were the insights of my heart when I created Simple Mama Home. I had a clear vision on how I wanted it to be & I created it with YOU in mind. If you are anything like me - casting a glance at a beautiful sight is enough to reinvigorate me from an otherwise mundane task I am attending to. I could be in the middle of preparing peanut butter sandwiches for my kids & I happen to glance outside my kitchen window & catch the wind blowing through our trees. Or it could be a pocket of my home - a corner a little undone with a candle quietly burning & a soft lavender scent permeating the room.

Don’t get me wrong though, my home is oftentimes more cluttered than put together. After all I have an 8yr. old boy & a 4yr. old girl - let’s just safely say that the mess can get too real most days. Which is why pockets of calm & pretty are so important, at least to me, they are.

I would say that if my HOME line had a star it would be the candles. I choose each blend oh so carefully. I hand mix & pour meticulously. Each scent brings me back to certain seasons in my life, all good. All beautiful. When you purchase our candles, it is like I am sending you a small piece of my heart. And I am happy to say that these pieces of my heart have been received well, judging from the reviews sent my way.

And for that, thank you. From the sincerest parts of my heart & home, thank you for choosing us.

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