The Rose Geranium Line

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To understand the reason behind the Rose Geranium line, I must first allow you a peek into my earlier personal life. I was raised by my paternal grandmother, she took me in before I hit my teens & taught me every good thing I know. She is from a different era, a time wherein a stay at home mom was the norm & not a choice she could make. She created a rarefied atmosphere in her home of old school upbringing mixed with liberal views that a woman could be strong in a world dominated by men (she knew that the world she would eventually be releasing me into was very different from the world she herself came of age).

I still remember all those early mornings accompanying her to the village market, purchasing our vegetables for the day. I remember being tasked to chop the garlic, onions, tomatoes staple to almost every dish she serves. I learned how to manage hearth & home from her, in the trenches as her beloved grandchild. She is my confidant & the first person in sight when I opened my eyes (at the recovery room) after giving birth to both my children. She is my harshest critic & my most staunch defender.

Around six years ago she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer & was adamant NOT to go through chemotherapy & surgery. And because of this I found myself like Alice in wonderland falling into the rabbit hole of holistic/naturopathic healing.

Fast forward to today, armed with a little more knowledge than when I began, I discovered, tried & tested that one of the most powerful essential oil for youth & beauty is the Rose Geranium EO. In millenial speak, it’s legit. So I did what I always do and requested our pharmacist to create a premium line with a VCO base. It took several months to perfect it but it was worth it because in its first month run, the Rose Geranium line literally flew off our shelves. It was originally intended for a limited time availability (May, the month of Mother’s) but after much clamour it is now available for preorder.

Happy happy Mother’s Mama, this one is for you 💖

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