Why its so good for you



Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Where to even begin?

My grandmother raised me & I remember clearly she always used to say “Coconut is the tree of life”. Being young & carefree that time, I paid very little attention & thought (like most young people do) that I was invincible.

Until I had children.

It began to really dawn on me that health issues were better prevented than treated. It was far better to build a strong immune system rather than actually getting sick (ugh, all those sleepless nights!).

Virgin Coconut Oil really helps you do that. Are you ready?

The big reason WHY coconut oil strengthens your immune system is because it’s healthy fats are filled with antioxidants which in turn greatly improves our cardiovascular system. The medium chain fatty acids packed in coconut oil act to neutralize & kill germs, bacteria, virus & fungi.

Pretty serious stuff making pretty heavy claims in treating cancer, autism, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, seizures & a whole host of both major & minor health challenges. It is anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-parasitic.

And as if that were not enough, it is for the greatly vain too! I personally love it because it is the most effective way to detoxify impurities & toxins festering inside & outside my body. I find that the use of VCO has greatly minimized my use of cosmetic products – you can’t beat great skin!

All these things I’ve mentioned above are my own simple understanding of why Virgin Coconut Oil is so good for you. There is much research online that is available to you should you want to know more, I don’t think this entry is comprehensive enough to really make you understand the limitless & vast benefits of the humble coconut.

But for now, we here at Simple Mama are happy to announce that to herald the week ahead, our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is ready for your consumption

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