I've always found it awkward to talk about myself in full print for the world to read, this is the reason why it took some time before I am able to blog regularly. I am still learning to regulate my inner censor, so that I can comfortably let bits of myself out. Simple Mama Ph is still all about providing simple luxuries for the simple mom. But in its couple of years of existing, much like myself, it has evolved. It is near impossible to separate my daily life from this brand so I finally took the leap & made the decision to share it all with you here. What used to be mostly a thriving online shop will now also feature snippets of our lives. I hope you enjoy & can be part of our little community of doing simple things with great care. You will not find advice here, as I am not & never will be comfortable telling anybody how to live their lives. But rather, come learn with me as, very much like you, I am ever evolving to be the best version of myself.