Hi. How are you today?
Welcome to our little space here in the world wide web & let me introduce myself to you as Simple Mama PH from hereon onward. In this site you will find snippets of my life & a lot of the products we have lovingly created to fit our daily needs & hopefully yours too.
Our mission is to provide simple luxuries for the Simple Mom.

Why simple? Because life comes with much complication as it is, we figured like us, you may not want to have to sweat the small stuff – our products are created to help you achieve that.

We also created our online home here to be easily navigated, so without further ado we bid you welcome & happy browsing!

Much love,


P.S. I used to sign off this part with my handle @simplemamaph but in the year & half that we have had online presence, our wonderful community of customers & online friends figured out my first name & we now converse regularly - I thought it only apt to sign off with my given name.