1 set Pure DETOX - 4 items (1 month use)

1 set Pure DETOX - 4 items (1 month use)

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Pure Detox set is a 1 month detoxifying and rejuvenating pack used 1 x a week. Made of natural coconut charcoal and virgin coconut oil. Best used with the Pure Beaute clean line.

The Pure detox has 2 active ingredients:

1. Activated Coconut Charcoal a natural ADSORBENT which attracts toxins, bacteria, bad odor, acids, and color. This will pull all the product buildup and unwanted toxins, a Pure Detox ingredient.

2. Virgin Coconut oil - a natural anti-bacteria and antioxidant. VCO will help detoxify and regenerate hair, skin and scalp. VCO also has natural vitamin E, A Pure Detox ingredient.

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